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Akkordeon, Andere Perkussion, Banjo, Dobro, Dudelsack, Flöte, Geige, Gesang, Gesang - Alt, Gesang - Bariton, Gesang - Bass, Gesang - Sopran, Gesang - Tenor, Harmonika, Keyboard, Lead Gitarre, Mandoline, Posaune, Rhythmus Gitarre, Saxophon, Schlagzeug, Steel Gitarre, Trompete, Violine.


Kvila Bristenia / Lead vocalist, Rhythm guitarist
Oleg (Tilarids) / Drummer, Composer
The Story
The Band was formed in 2017 in Dresden by Kvila Bristenia and Oleg. Oscar / Base player joined the band in April 2018 and left in February 2019. The individual musical paths of these three musicians crossed each other suddenly and measuredly and as a result the polyhedral philosophy of metal has been arisen. Oleg’s background is south rock in Devio Hail band during 6 years with gigs and funs. Oleg was a composer of all metal tracks and played rhythm guitar. Kvila always composed and performed her songs alone and wanted to bring her significant part of creation to the alive band. Oscar is very enthusiastic base player, who is opened to break his wide background stereotypes to be engaged in something unexpected and new. So everybody is involved into some sophisticated entangled and a bit strange deal of metal music. Madame Bristenia has the right people in the right place who are doing their best to make their music staff unique and interesting.
At the same time we are looking for creative musicians who are able to play conceptual complex music and contribute its intriguing material.
— Oleg (Tilarids), Founder
#progressive #experimental#psychedelic #cinematic #sludge #stoner #groove #metal #contemporary #ambivalentmetal

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Feb 23 2019
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