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Greetings, we are Mental Kino, currently comprised of two Berlin-based musicians Dennis (25) and Costa (33). We are looking for a musician and/or producer to join our collective. Our music is a mixture of different genres, we find ourselves mainly in the indie-electronic dystopia with a taste of ambient and industrial aesthetics. We have just finished recording our debut album and are preparing it for a release. Please give it a listen to get a better sense of what kind of material/mood/ideas we’re into:

The release of the album will take a bit more time however we’d like to already start arranging our songs for live performances and ultimately perform live. For that we need somebody who can work with our material and likes it obviously. A multi instrumentalist would be ideal, however even if you only play one instrument well, it would be enough.
With “well” we mean you’re secure in your playing and don’t find our songs to be impossible to play but rather something you could learn. We will of course do that together as we practice and arrange the songs. If there's a good match between us genre-wise, mood-wise or otherwise, we would like to bring it to a more professional ground, rehearsing and performing together, writing new material in the studio or at home and exchanging creative ideas and experiments.

Contact us at: mentalkino@

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Виктор Цой, Jeff Buckley, Radiohead, Björk, Rammstein, many others.


Costa, Dennis


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