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Band auf Suche nach Mitgliedern, Akkordeon, Andere Perkussion, Background Sänger, Banjo, Bass Gitarre, Cello, Dobro, Dudelsack, Flöte, Gesang - Alt, Gesang - Bass, Gesang - Sopran, Gesang - Tenor, Harmonika, Keyboard, Kontrabass, Mandoline, Piano, Posaune, Saxophon, Schlagzeug, Sonstiges, Steel Gitarre, Trompete.


The distinction made in the classical theoretical musicological literature between classical or serious music and light music is artificial and mostly also untrue. There is only good music and bad music and I hope mine falls into the first category. Besides, who would listen to classical music seriously without being well entertained and who would like primitive, headless rock music if there wasn't the spirit of classical tones and beautiful melodies paired with beautiful rhythms and varied, surprising breaks. I hope you both find types of good light music in my music by Alice, just enjoy and become my fans!!!

Alice - A Rock-Blues Band of Excellence and Atmosphere on July 15th, 2022

I am now Chart Positions Key Stats 2 Local 2 Regional (Berlin) 5 National (Germany) 96 Global

CV Peter Kosta Alice - A Rock-Blues Band of Excellence and Atmosphere on Nov 23, 2021
I am now Chart Positions Key Stats 2 Local 2 Regional (Berlin) 7 National (Germany) 236 Global

I am blues, rock, funk, classics and jazz musician, guitarist and composer. At time of Covid, my music is now online, among others on Soundcloud, Soundclick, ReverbNation.com, BandCamp, Fandalism……and youtube,
I am composer, guitarist, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist (except of vibes). All my compositions are originally composed by myself and all my bands are just me, one-man-bands.
My music is unique and tries to explore new possibilities of structure, content, composition, melody, and rhythm.....and what is more: I play all instruments, I compose all songs, I write the texts and I live the stories behind my themes.
I have decided to produce only my own music and not to depend on Big Labels for whom I played before, among others CBS, Atlantis Records and Appel music. I sometimes sing on smule and cover Clapton and alike.
I have seen that my strength and my passion is in my own phantasies, Doing my free compositions and instrumental music. In the meantime, I am also a fairly good singer!
Admittedly, I always practiced the violin for 7 hours and later the guitar for 10 hours a day. I started to play in my school, College and Goethe-Highschool (German Gymnasium) in the following Bands starting 1971 : The founding of my first band at school was the Los Angeles Blues Band, which later became the famous Frankfurt City Blues Band, Massada (1971-1974), Nurse (1974-1978), Lizard (1978-1990 (very successful local band from Kelkheim / Taunus, 1979 opening act for the Scorpions in the Marburg town hall broadcasted by TV Hessen 3).
Broken Glass, Sprinstorm, Zauberberg, Cetan Mani, Phoenix Band, Gallaxy Band and now Alice and Lizard.
It is with great regret that I have to announce the early death of my comusicians: Wolfgang Freund, the former keyboarder of Lizard who died on a Tumor /Cancer of Brain (he was only 27) and Alexander Stams my bass guitarist and Vocalist who died on fCovid19 only recently. R.I.P. my dear friends: we will meet one day again in the heaven of Sounds and love.

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Februar 25 2023
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