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Band auf Suche nach Mitgliedern, Akkordeon, Akustische Gitarre, Andere Perkussion, Background Sänger, Banjo, Bass Gitarre, Cello, Dobro, Dudelsack, Flöte, Geige, Gesang, Gesang - Alt, Gesang - Bariton, Gesang - Bass, Gesang - Sopran, Gesang - Tenor, Harmonika, Keyboard, Kontrabass, Lead Gitarre, Mandoline, Piano, Posaune, Rhythmus Gitarre, Saxophon, Schlagzeug, Sonstiges, Steel Gitarre, Trompete, Violine.


I'm a 28 years old metal guitarist from Russia, just moved to Munich to work a couple of months ago. So far my German is very weak, but I would like to improve it. I have been playing guitar for quite a long time, but never played in a band or professionally in some way because of lack of time. Now, my education is finished, I have a stable personal life and would like to commit more time into playing guitar in a band. Currently, I see it more as a hobby, but in case of visible perspective, I could even consider playing music professionally.
I've always liked progressive and thrash metal mostly. In metal music, I prefer aggressiveness combined with a touch of intelligence and creativeness. Any types of black metal are not in my taste. Looking forward to collaborations!

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Mai 26 2019
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Mehr als 3 Mal pro Woche
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2-3 Abende pro Woche
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Old times: Dream Theater, Metallica, Meshuggah
Currently: Monuments, Wheel, Leprous, Fractal Universe


Lead Gitarre:
Rhythmus Gitarre:


7 string electric guitar, 6 string electric guitar, USB audio interface. Can quickly get something else when necessary.